Does Your Kiddie Love Kale?

Amy's does.

This past Friday, I enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Iris Food and Spirits, a cute little restaurant in Del Mar featuring a menu full of local and organic ingredients.  Amy, a fellow holistic health coach and food enthusiast whom I'd met in my health coaching program, and I hadn't seen each other in about 8 months and were long overdue for a catch-up session. Amy is a pre- and post-natal holistic health coach who also teaches cooking classes and is the proud momma of an adorable 14-month old boy, Ezra.

What does a holistic health coach who loves to cook healthy food feed her toddler?


That's right. Real food. You know, the good stuff. Not the Standard American Diet that contributes to the accelerated rate of child obesity. Not your typical mac & cheese from a box, fast food, ice cream, or other childhood "staples". Ezra loves his fruit and veggies. He loves kale. He loves broccoli. He loves quinoa. He loves green smoothies. He squeals with joy when he gets to push the Start button on the blender each morning.

He eats the food that he knows. Children can't drive themselves to McDonald's and order fast food. They can't drive themselves to the grocery store and raid the cookie aisle. Children eat what other people give them to eat. Ezra doesn't know what he's "missing out" on (e.g. sugary, processed foods) because his mom and dad have exposed his taste buds to real foods. Ezra doesn't need sugary kiddie treats that come in a cartoon character covered boxes because he appreciates and revels in the flavor and texture of a locally-grown, organic strawberry.

Imagine if all parents fed their children the way that Amy and her husband feed Ezra. Imagine if all children ate (and enjoyed!) real food that comes from nature instead of being fed on a diet of packaged foods from the center aisles of the grocery store or the drive-thru. We certainly have a long way to go, but hearing about how one couple is taking an active part in their child's healthy eating habits is incredibly encouraging. Ezra is a lucky boy to have parents who care so much about his health.