Eat More Raw Foods, Improve Your Sex Life.

Check out this wonderful TEDx talk by superstar Raw Vegan Chef, Matthew Kenney. He covers topics such as the poor health of Americans and how eating more raw foods will help you poop better and improve your sex life. Yes, you heard me right! His slideshow also features some food porn. Check out the video below:

Oatmeal Talk

Click Here for the New York Times article by Mark Bittman that Matthew references in his talk. This article addresses McDonald's addition of Oatmeal to their menu.

A more accurate description than "100 percent natural whole-grain oats," "plump raisins," "sweet cranberries" and "crisp fresh apples" would be "oats, sugar, sweetened dried fruit, cream and 11 weird ingredients you would never keep in your kitchen."

It's quite sad how McDonald's manages to make even foods on the healthy end of the spectrum so UNhealthy. Bittman gives us something to think about when he mentions that "Real oatmeal contains no ingredients; rather, it is an ingredient." We're so used to eating packaged foods full of added sugar (take instant oatmeal, for instance) that I wonder how many people know that oatmeal itself is an ingredient?