Embrace True Laughter

I consider myself a pretty happy person. I have a tendency to smile a lot and it's possible that I have a *slight* issue harnessing control over my usage of exclamation points. I can't help it...sometimes I just get so excited!! But every now and then, for whatever the reason, I feel a bit "off" and could use a good laugh. Or perhaps a full-blown gigglefest, depending on what kind of day I'm having. I'm sure you can relate...we're all human, right?

I have a folder in my email called "Hilarious/Happy" and in it are the most hysterical emails I've ever received. Funny email chains, silly forwards, or just pure nonsense that I can't help but smile at whenever I read them. Whenever I'm having a day where that smile of mine is not appearing on its own, I'll take a few minutes to peruse my Hilarious/Happy Folder and without fail, I have tears streaming down my face and am gasping for air trying not to fall off my chair. Okay, well maybe not that extreme, but I definitely feel a helluva lot better afterward.

Below I've included some of my favorite, super short videos that I have literally watched over and over again. I just realized that they're all of animals and babies...perhaps it's the whole cute and innocent thing that gives the videos that extra comedic edge. Whatever it is, I hope you get as much enjoyment out of these as I do. And if you have any you'd like to share, please leave your recommendation in the Comments section below. I'd love to hear which videos make YOU laugh!