Em's Gems: Tummy Tamer

Introducing...Product Reviews!

When I find a product I really like, I have a hard time keeping it to myself. 

I want to tell everyone about these discoveries, some of which are pretty mainstream and others which I think haven't gotten the attention they deserve. 

When I'm choosing a new restaurant to go to, I read the reviews on Yelp. When I'm shopping around on Amazon, I always read the reviews before I decide whether or not to make a purchase. I realized...wait a second, my blog would be the perfect place to review my favorite health products all in one place for all of you.

You may have already seen some of my favorites on my Shopping page, but I thought it'd be useful to give these products the attention they deserved in my blog and expand upon them a bit more in case you were curious about what I liked so much about them.


Yogi Tea is one of my favorite brand of teas. I admit that while the tea itself is very tasty, I mainly look forward to the inspiring messages that come with each tea bag. The outside of the box also features a yoga pose (both an image and description) as well...a nice touch :-)

I'm not a big tea drinker, but when I have an upset stomach, I find Yogi Tea's Ginger tea to be very soothing. Ginger is, after all, one of nature's best cure for nausea. Sometimes I'll peel and chop a big ol' chunk of ginger and let it seep in my hot water, but when I'm not at home or if I don't have any ginger on hand, the tea bags are much more accessible. Also, it's caffeine free, so no need to worry about this stuff keeping you up all night.

If ginger's not your thing, Yogi Tea's Purely Peppermint tea [Note: link is for a pack of 3] is also a great option when you have an upset stomach.