A "Corny" Documentary

After my 10 mile training run on Saturday, I treated myself to some glorrrrious downtime. I had a very busy and more-stressful-than-usual start to 2011, so these last couple of months I have been taking advantage of any downtime I can get my hands on and enjoying every second of it :-) I was excited to use my first ever post-run-icing-of-the-legs as an excuse to plop down on my comfy couch and watch a movie I've been wanting to watch for quite some time now: King Corn.

I enjoyed it! Any documentary that addresses the alarming rate of obesity and diabetes in our country, while emphasizing how our food choices have a direct affect on our health immediately piques my interest. This movie was a bit different from others I had seen, focusing on corn in particular as two best friends plant an acre of corn and try to follow it into our food system.

It's pretty upsetting to see just how many foods contain corn, everything from most hamburgers to unsuspecting food products like spaghetti sauce.  With the prevalence of high fructose corn syrup in most convenience foods out there (just walk down any aisle of 7-Eleven to see for yourself), it's no wonder most of us are made of corn! [Side Note: Check out this article I came across today by Dr. Mark Hyman today that addresses the dangers of HFCS...yikes! Read your food labels and stay far away from any foods that contain HFCS.]

Check out the trailer for King Corn:

Tonight I'm going to the San Diego premiere of Forks Over Knives and will definitely share my thoughts with you this week!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on either movie in the Comments below!

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