Potluck for Health Coaches

I'm so fortunate that there is such a large community of health coaches in San Diego. Since many of us haven't met each other yet, I decided to host a gathering at my apartment and invited everyone over this past weekend for a healthy potluck.  I was thrilled to connect with old friends and meet others for the first time.

The yummy food was just a bonus, as the true nourishment was in the company.

I am so lucky that my health coaching program gave me the opportunity to become part of such a loving and supportive community of people who are all so incredibly positive, genuine, warm and kind. My apartment was still buzzing with positive energy even after everyone had left! Below are some food pics I took from the potluck (or you can access the album here on Facebook).

All in all, it was a successful event! I'm already looking forward to the next one (and thinking about what to make for it...hrmmm...)


If not, I highly recommend it!

It's a great way to get your friends together (or make new friends) in a casual environment and try a variety of food without spending a lot of money.

I've hosted several potlucks in the last few years (mostly with a theme of either vegan or raw food) and my friends love experimenting with new recipes and trying different foods that everyone brought.

Some theme ideas are food types (e.g. vegan, raw, gluten-free), seasonal/holiday (e.g. summer, Thanksgiving), ethnic cuisines (e.g. Asian, Italian, Mexican), or anything you'd like!

One of my friends came up with the great idea of having everyone bring in a dish that was a particular color, for instance, the person assigned red can bring in a dish of tomatoes, strawberries, red peppers, etc. Since we should strive to eat as many colors in our food as possible to gain maximum nutrition each day, this particular theme would make it easy to do so. Give it a try!