Raw Food Detox: Day 2

Day 2: Success!

When I woke up this morning 10 minutes before my alarm, I was in the middle of a dream about burritos.

Actually, it was a burrito buffet. What the heck?

I can't remember if I had dreams about food the last time I did this detox, but I couldn't help but laugh as I got out of bed. I don't even eat burritos when I'm not detoxing! Oh the mind is a funny thing.

Hit up 9am hot yoga, immediately followed by an hour walk/catch-up session on the boardwalk with one of my friends. I hadn't seen her or the ocean in a while so it was nice to reunite with both. The rest of the day I was running around getting things done and feeling very productive. I wasn't stressed or frantic, but did everything on my weekend to-do list and felt very accomplished.

I found myself eating about every 2 hours (instead of my usual 4 hours) but enjoyed feeling light despite the inconvenience of constantly eating.

I woke up 2 1/2 lbs lighter this morning, which was nice. I imagine it was a lot of water weight (not fat loss...2 1/2 lbs of fat loss in one day is not realistic and not particularly healthy) but regardless, it was good to see that the scale reflected how I felt in my body. Had some headaches in the afternoon and eating, but food and water helped alleviate them every time.

I ate basically the same foods today...green smoothies with kale + fruit + water, blueberries, an apple, a banana, and some veggie sushi rolls (cucumbers, zucchini, spinach, jicama, avocado, all covered in lemon juice and wrapped in nori). I finished eating for the day by 7pm.

Tomorrow I'm going to 6am hot yoga, so I'm excited to start the day once again sweating out any toxins in my body and feeling centered.

Sweet dreams of burritos,


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