"Hey Emily...What the Heck Do You Eat?"


People ask me this question ALL THE TIME, so I figured, why not devote an entire blog post to it!

The answer is actually SO simple, I'm almost embarrassed to share it with you!

About 95% of the time, I rotate between these two types of meals:


Admittedly, I don't have a ton of variety in my meals (I'm workin' on it)

I just cook for one person (myself) and to be honest, I don't mind eating a lot of the same meals throughout the week. It helps cut down on my grocery bill and prep time.

When the mood strikes, I play in the kitchen more, but the majority of my meals consist of fewer than 5 main ingredients and take under 10 minutes to prepare.

The way I eat follows the guidelines of my cleanse because that's what works for me right now.

When I choose to deviate from that gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, sugar-free way of eating, I make sure that...

  • I'm eating something I really want
  • I eat a smaller portion
  • I take my time and savor every single bite
  • I resume my healthy habits as soon as possible
  • I NEVER feel guilty about it!


I'll usually have a smoothie at breakfast, but I'll occasionally enjoy it for lunch if I'm on the go or for dinner if I'm not super hungry and just want something light.

The recipe below is my current favorite because it's simple and delicious!

Most of the ingredients are in the pantry, so I just have to make sure I have frozen bananas and fresh leafy greens on hand.



Combine ingredients in the order listed and blend until smooth. Serve and enjoy!

Want more smoothie recipes? Get 'em here >>

Protein + Veggie Plates

This is usually what I have for lunch and dinner (and breakfast if I'm not rockin' the smoothie!)

All I do is fill my plate up with 1/3 protein + 2/3 veggies.

What I love about this combo is that it's so filling that I usually don't get hungry between meals. The protein, fiber, and fat is incredibly satisfying and despite how full I get, I never feel heavy or bloated afterward.

I usually steam, sauté, or roast the veggies in coconut oil (refined), ghee (from grass-fed cows) or butter (from grass-fed cows). Then I'll combine the veggies with an egg or some leftover meat/poultry/fish. Below are the protein and veggie options I've been enjoying lately:

  • VEGGIES: Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, celery, celery root, carrots, leafy greens

I always have eggs in the fridge and then each week I'll make a batch of hamburger patties and/or slow cooker shredded chicken. When those get boring, I'll change it up the following week. For the veggies, I like to wash, peel, and chop them ahead of time so they just have to be cooked. Other days, I'll make a big batch at once and eat the leftovers the next few days.

What Motivates Me?

My main motivator isn't how I look, but rather how I FEEL.

When I eat this way, I no longer feel bloated. I no longer have sugar cravings. I FEEL light. I FEEL more positive and energized. I FEEL more comfortable in my clothes. I FEEL inspired. I FEEL aligned with my life's desires and FEEL more motivated to make decisions that support them.

The way I feel after I eat is what ultimately drives me to make the choices that I make.

Why? Because when I EAT crap, I FEEL like crap and I gain weight.

(Can you relate?)

When I feel like crap and gain weight, my clothes don't fit comfortably. I'm tired. My confidence and productivity goes down. My relationships are negatively affected. I doubt myself. I crave even more crap.

It's an ugly downward spiral where NO ONE wins.

I've been there COUNTLESS times and I don't like living in that space.

When you eat foods that make you look and feel your best, THAT is a win for you AND everyone around you.

You have unlimited possibilities around you. You really can create the life that you want! But it's a helluva lot harder to get there when you're filling your tank with toxic fuel.