The Flu has Flown

Yesterday, I thought I was doomed. My headache, bodyaches, and chills were debilitating and I thought I was going to have to spend this gorgeous weekend cooped up in my apartment. Fortunately, listening to my body and nourishing it with everything it asked me for was the secret to my recovery. While I don't feel 100% right now, I'm feeling about 85% awesome and I hope that I will be completely recovered by tomorrow or Monday.

After drinking as much Garlic/Ginger/Lemon/Cayenne Pepper tea I could get into my system last night, I got into bed and slept for a good 12 hours.  Every two hours, I woke up to use the bathroom and drink more water before falling back asleep. By the time I woke up, I felt energized, refreshed and well-rested. I still had some remnants of a headache and bodyaches with some sore throat action, but for the most part I was feeling way better than I had been feeling yesterday. Decided that sweating it out was exactly what my body needed, so I hit up 9:30am hot yoga...totally what the doctor ordered. I tried to nap when I got back but was getting antsy and hungry (since I hadn't eaten since 1pm yesterday), so I made a green smoothie PACKED with Vitamin C. Who needs Emergen-C when you can get all the Vitamin C you need from real food?

I was really bummed that I had to cancel plans that I had originally scheduled for this morning, but am relieved that I'll be able to follow through with my other plans for the rest of the day as scheduled.

Sometimes listening to your body means saying "No" which can be hard for some of us...I knew that my body needed rest and yoga this morning, so I listened.

If I continue to drink my flu fighting tea, Vitamin C green smoothie, plenty of warm water AND manage to go to sleep early for another 12+ hours, I should be feeling great tomorrow. Don't underestimate the power of positive thinking when it comes to healing oneself and getting well. I believe that when you visualize health and take the necessary steps to get will achieve it.